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  • Mature communications operators have typically grown through consolidation and the addition of bolt-on solutions to an existing infrastructure for handling new services. The result? Complex, unwieldy, and often isolated operating models. Competing with more agile players will require enterprises to simplify key operational requirements such as customer understanding and responsiveness, ongoing cost reduction, usage-based pricing, and bundled offerings.

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    Cable & Satellite Providers

    From systems integration planning, to data migration, business process integration, customer management and order processing, we can help you keep up with your customers’ demands.

    Integrated Communications Providers

    From management and technological integration, to mobile Internet, our global team of business and technology consultants is here to work with you.


    From testing and billing, to one-on-one consulting, our team of wireless experts will create a custom solution to meet your unique needs.

    Billing & Customer Care

    What does your billing system say about you? Probably more than you think—and not necessarily in a good way. Our domain experts can maximize the value of your core billing processes.

    Order & Service Management

    We’ll help enhance your order and service management processes, so you can continue to provide superior customer service—and stay competitive.

    Customer Experience & Portals

    Our customer experience team is here to help improve your customer registration process, from single sign-on (SSO) systems, to secure log-in and mobile device access.

    Network Management

    Our team of experts can help you evaluate your network strategy, then plan a course of action to make your management and provisioning more synchronized, accurate and efficient.

    Service Fulfillment

    Rely on us to help you manage orders more efficiently, keep track of resources and offer next-generation services to your customers.