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  • Mobile solutions provide a richer, more personalized experience for your customers by using the full feature set of smart phones or tablets. However, in spite of all the potential benefits, creating mobile systems that are deeply integrated into existing enterprise infrastructure poses significant IT and operational challenges.

    Advisory Services

    Mobile technology provides an opportunity to rethink the way you communicate with employees, partners and customers. From visioning to technical assessments to COE development and governance, our Advisory Services team can work with you to develop your strategy and achieve your enterprise mobility goals.

    Managed Services

    Our Managed Services offering enables organizations to trade high upfront capital expenses for much lower operational expenses. A fully outsourced “pay as you go” model—from hardware configuration and staging to application administration and end-user support—simplifies budgeting and adds a high degree of cost certainty.

    Delivery Services

    Mobile technology demands that you reinvent the way you deliver software and services—from application development, UI and UX to testing, to data integration and security. Our Delivery Services team can help you reduce time-to-market for custom mobile applications through a variety of support models.

    Mobility Solutions

    Our Mobility Solutions team leverages the latest technologies to develop innovative, end-to-end mobile solutions that deliver lasting business value. Our wide range of pre-built frameworks, applications and solution accelerators can help jumpstart your enterprise mobility program.