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  • Auxiotech can help you build an innovation capability that not only ensures new ideas flourish but provides a process by which those ideas can be transformed into commercial applications. As a leading innovator and service delivery expert, we offer clients an agile, strategically-focused innovation management service. We call this Innovation as a Service.

    Our objective is to manage the process of innovation within our clients’ organizations from idea to outcome.
    These outcomes include:
    • Improved processes that deliver an increase in efficiency or productivity;
    • Exciting product or service developments that capture the customer imagination ahead of the competition;
    • Added value through small, incremental changes to the way you operate or serve your customers;
    • Better, faster, more cost effective ways of working.

    To achieve these outcomes we contract for innovation, bringing to bear a proven methodology that combines great ideas with an efficient execution model. We know this process works because we use it ourselves.

    You benefit from our wholly collaborative approach to helping you manage the innovation processes. We can support you from ideas creation to business case development and feasibility studies. We can help with the implementation and measurement of success. We are a genuine innovation partner. Indeed, we’re already helping a number of globally renowned industry leaders to develop innovation roadmaps that will shape their futures.

    Partnership for success

    We work as your full-service innovation partner. We are more than just consultants, and we offer more than just software. Depending on your needs, we serve as advisors, coaches, and even an extension of your in-house staff.

    Creating immediate wins

    Success breeds confidence. We help you to design and execute innovation efforts with material, demonstrable business results. Immediate success creates wider interest and excitement, lending critical momentum to your program.

    Building for the future

    With each successful initiative, we help you architect a sustainable model for innovation. We work with you to develop the longer-term innovation plan while training teams, leaders, and individuals in the necessary techniques and skills.

    Innovation SQUARE:

    Side1: Challenging Orthodoxies Questioning deeply held dogmas in-side companies and inside industries about what drives success.

    Side2: Harnessing Discontinuities Spotting unnoticed patterns of trends that could substantially change the rules of the game.

    Side3: Leveraging Competencies & Strategic Assets Think of a company as a portfolio of skills and assets rather than as a provider of products or services for specific markets.

    Side4: Understanding Unarticulated Needs Learning to live inside the customer’s skin, empathizing with unarticulated feelings and identifying unmet needs

    Building an innovation capability has less to do with increasing personal creativity- long the accepted wisdom- and more to do with assembling the right sorts of insights (from the four side of square listed above) to provoke a business breakthrough