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  • Health, safety and environment: Enterprises need to go deeper to explore — without compromising the health of their workers and the landscape. With assets and systems for information sharing, intelligence and collaboration, enterprises can arm themselves to identify risk and prevent hazards.

    Aging workforce: If today’s experts are to become tomorrow’s mentors, their rich experience and expertise must be captured and shared. By addressing needs for training, visualization, and workflow automation, IT can create knowledge minefields to draw from — providing a foundation for sustained growth.

    Integrating assets: Decision-making gets tougher with discrete and diversified assets spread across geographies. Integrating these assets and optimizing portfolios can enhance throughput and empower enterprises for decision-making — whether it’s zeroing in on the next risk-adjusted exploration opportunity, or finding an unconventional resource to change the game.

    Exponentially growing data volume: Real-time process data, legacy seismic data, unstructured data — data is the problem. It’s also the solution. Extracting value and creating on-demand insight from terabytes of data will require data quality control, a data governance structure, and a corporate data repository.